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Miracle Masks

Making The Hospital

A Much Less Scary Place


What We Do

We provide children with cancer and other life-changing illnesses at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC animated face masks that help aid in the prevention of spreading germs and viruses as well as making the hospital a less scary place. The face masks we make are reusable and washable.

The Girl Scout Gold Award

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. Girls who pursue this 100+ hour leadership project aspire to transform an idea and vision for change into an actionable plan with measurable, sustainable, and far-reaching results

Why We Do This

When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, their whole life is put on hold. The whole cancer process from treatment, to reassessing your priorities, to handling all the daunting information thrown at you, is overwhelming. When a child loses their hair, can't run anymore, or play as they used to, their life seems bleak. Miracle Masks is dedicated to bringing a flicker of joy into the hospital, pushing out the isolation, sadness, and anxiety.

How You can help

Donations of a wide variety are appreciated, but mainly, your sewing skills are what we value most! We have video and PDF tutorials to get you on your way to sewing and several convenient drop off locations in our region for when you have a finished product. Don't worry about washing the items--CHP will sanitize all masks before handing them out. 

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